HR Philosophy

Training Program

The recruitment and selection of potential candidates does not guarantee to perform effectively in an organization. In order to perform efficiently and effectively in an organization, all the employees requires the continuous training to equip themselves and move in a dynamic environment.

Prithvi Group of Industries usually conducts various training program for its employees with the help of Assam Productivity Council and other outside agency. These training programs not only enhance the morale of the employee, but also help them to work more efficiently for achieving the higher productivity.


Motivation and morale is the backbone of industrial workforce to work effectively and which is ultimate help to achieve productivity of the company. In this regards, management of Prithvi Group of Industries every year presents "Man of the Year" award to various employees on different field on the basis of their performance, attendance and behavior.

On the special day like Republic Day and Independence Day, management organise various sports events in order to strengthen the employee relation.

Corporate Meet

As a part of HR management, the Prithvi Group has started a trend of corporate meets every year. The 2010 corporate meet was marked by a 2 day workshop by Mr Ajay Agarwal, followed by a strategy meet and an award function.