Corporate Social Responsibility

Business today is no longer de-linked from life. In fact a company's success and its growth are directly influenced by the quality of its contributions to the betterment of society and the quality of life.

Prithvi Group is gearing up to put forward its best efforts to serve the communities in the areas that it serves. The company plans to sponsor major sporting events, not only in the valley region but across the North-East.


The Group plans to launch community welfare programs and backward area upliftment programs that will benefit people from all walks of life.

The Group is actively setting up a School at Badarpur in collaboration with Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari and has joined hands with the District Administration to establish a Green Children's Park at Karimganj. In the years ahead, Prithvi Group will strive to be a major social benefactor and will help enhance the 'quality' of life.