“PRITHVI GROUP” a business conglomerate in India is a major tea producer and amongst the top 10 in the North Eastern Part of India. It forayed in the tea industry in 2002 by setting up a bought leaf tea factory in the name of Vision Industries Pvt. Ltd with a modest production of 0.3 Million kgs. In 2007 the Group expanded its footprint in the tea industry by making a slew of acquisitions and the first one was of The Eastern Tea Estates Limited in the year 2007. It one of the oldest tea company having one of the largest tea Garden named Doloo. Since then it has added 3 tea Gardens in Upper Assam and 3 Tea Gardens in Cachar district to have an annual production of approximately 8.3 million Kgs of high quality CTC tea.

It has now proposed to go for internationally recognized accreditations and certifications of Fair-trade, Rainforest alliance and HACCP.

Name of Tea Estates and their production capacity:

Sl. No. Name of Tea Estate / Factory Area under Plantation
Dolaguri (Upper Assam) 378.56 07 Lacs
2 Woka (Upper Assam) 303.47 03 Lacs
3 Hatticherra (Cachar) 401.63 10 Lacs
4 Subong (Cachar) 401.12 08 Lacs
5 Doloo (Cachar) 809.77 20 Lacs
6 Tea Processing Factory at Makum, Assam   25 Lacs


  73 Lacs

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